About us

The Tashil Mashin Sanat Company was established in 2004 in order to promote the culture of material transfer, and during more than a decade of continuous activity it has been one of the pioneers of the industry in the production of equipment such as lift truck-jack pallet-lifter-Drum stacker and ... It has become a major shareholder of the market for material handling equipment. Now, with three well-equipped factories in Shams Abad Industrial Park and the capital, and more than 15,000 square meters of manufacturing space and office as the largest producer of pallet trucks, and Equipment for moving material in the Middle East continues. The goal of this company is to produce Iran quality goods At a competitive price with similar Western and Chinese products, it is the most energy-consuming to achieve this goal, but meeting different customer needs for the transfer of materials is another priority of the company. Therefore, in order to satisfy customers' needs and complete their portfolio of products, We have obtained reputable companies in the field of material equipment:
تولید کننده لیفتراک-جک پالت-بالابر-بشکه گیرflexi Representation by tms company for storage equipmentloc Representation by tms company for storage equipmentall Representation by tms company for forklift,jack palletsun Representation by tms companyprotec Representation by tms company in iranhelli Representation by tms company production forklift
The quality of the categories that the company always puts in its direction is the most important. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of تسهیل ماشین صنعت تولید کننده لیفتراک-جک پالت-بالابر-بشکه گیر forklift, the machine industry is used the first-level engines of the isuzu engine is a first level engine that used in tms forklift, nissan engine is a first level engine that used in tms forklift, cummins engine is a first level engine that used in tms forkliftforklift . All engines used in the production of are of the origin of the country of origin and are not manufactured in China. The company facilitated the industry in 1395 due to the increasing popularity of purchases The Internet and the development of the Internet business have added the possibility of online sales to their new site. At www.tmsforklift.com, you will be able to purchase products online at the same time as you are familiar with the product. By purchasing online, you are sure that the purchased device is brand new and its capacity and specifications have not been tampered with, as well as You will receive the purchased device at the specified time. Due to the fact that after sales service is very important in warehouse equipment, you will have access to this company's unique services by purchasing this site.